Beautiful Therapist Websites

to Grow and Expand Your Practice

Market Your Therapy’s Private Practice, Courses, or Memberships
to Attract the People Who Need Your Help.

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Creating a website that showcases all your offerings is tough.

Creating a website
that showcases all
your offerings is tough.

You’re probably

  • Busy with client sessions
  • Struggling to prioritize your admin tasks
  • Wishing there was just more time in a day

You know you need a fresh, modern, and professional website – but the idea of DIYing it is scary and intimidating.

That’s where I come in…

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re building a business beyond the 1:1 private practice model and are feeling lost as to how to market your new offerings.
  • You’ve developed a course or membership, but have no idea how to build a website that speaks to your therapy niche.
  • You’re committed to building a sustainable therapy business but feel the tug of burnout as you try to do it all yourself?


You need help marketing your expanded therapy practice, but just don’t know where to start.

That’s where I come in…

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Hi, I'm Erin!

As a former massage therapist, I understand how much you need a good website, and how hard it can be to create one yourself.

Your time is best spent helping other people through your private practice, memberships, or courses.

You shouldn’t need to add trudging up the ladder of learning website design to your list of skills.

That’s why I’ve created my business with the sole goal of creating beautiful and strategic websites for mental health professionals and therapists.

My experience in the health industry coupled with my skills as a website designer gives me the ability to create the perfect website for you and your offerings.

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Monthly Tidbits and Resources

My monthly newsletter combines actionable steps you can take to improve your current website, things I’m loving at the moment, and possibly a cat picture or two!

Your work is important.

Create Positive Change and Impact using your
Clinic Skills and Caring Heart.

Create Positive Change
and Impact Using Your
Clinic Skills and Caring Heart.

      Your website should be:

  • Irresistible to future clients
  • Inclusive and accessible
  • Beautifully branded and perfectly “you”
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Grow Your Expanded Therapy Practice Through Strategic Website Design.

Single Leadpage

You’ve got a course or membership home already, but need that single branded webpage to send people to as a starting point. 

Fully Customized

You’ve got a private practice. You’ve got a membership, course, or group practice. Your business model includes one or more of the following: an ever-growing resource list, blog posts, a podcast, or a youtube channel. Your membership or course is your bread and butter, but you also offer a ton of value and resources for those unable to join. You need a website that is robust enough to grow and evolve as your offerings do.

Simple Yet Solid

You’re either balancing your private practice with other sources of income or still in the development of how you want to serve your audience. You need a website that promotes you as a therapist, with the foundation to grow as your offerings do. 

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