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As a former massage therapist, I understand how much you need a good website, and how hard it can be to create one yourself. You’re time is best spent helping other people through your private practice, memberships, or courses. You shouldn’t need to add trudging up the ladder of learning website design to your list of skills. That’s why I’ve created my business with the sole goal of creating beautiful and strategic websites for mental health professionals and therapists. My experience the health industry coupled with my skills as a website designer give me the ability to create the perfect website for you and your offerings.

DTK Studios is based in Monterey, CA, but I work with clients all over the U.S. I love to build long-term relationships with my clients and continue to support them on their business journeys.

Homepage Erin


All my jobs have had the underlying current of being a helper. I’ve worked in retail customer service, received a B.A. in Liberal Studies on track to being a teacher, and most recently, I had a private massage therapy practice. I approach my website design agency with the same guiding principles of providing help, support, and amazing customer service for my clients. I transitioned to website design in part in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. After two years of diving deep into how to master my craft, I knew I wanted to make an impact in the world through the lens of mental health. I believe mental health professionals provide the tools and resources our society needs to heal, grow, and create a safer and more loving place.

My approach combines both design and strategy. We can build a beautiful website, but if we don’t incorporate how your ideal client interacts with it, it’s useless. And if we flip that, you can have the most amazing practice/membership/course/group practice with the most authentic and persuasive copy. But if your website design does not invoke a feeling of trust and safety, the website isn’t doing its job. A website’s job is to be used as a marketing tool. It should explain what you do, explain why you solve someone’s problem, and how to get started.

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How We Work Together

How We Work Together

Single Leadpage

Single Leadpage

This is perfect if you need a landing page for your offerings, you need a simple way for private practice clients to learn more about your, or you need a hub to help direct people to your multiple offerings.

This is perfect if you need a landing page for your offerings, you need a simple way for private practice clients to learn more about your, or you need a hub to help direct people to your multiple offerings.

Fully Customized

You need a website that’s robust enough to grow and evolve as your offerings do. You may have a combination of private practice and membership or course. Or you’re looking to increase your online resources through a blog, podcast, or video. You need a website with the complexity and strategy to lead visitors quickly to the best resource for them.

Simple Yet Solid

You’re either balancing your private practice with other sources of income or still in the development of how you want to serve your audience. You need a website that promotes you as a therapist, with the foundation to grow as your offerings do. 

Are We a Good Fit?

My mission is to build website designs that present mental health professionals as trusted experts in their field. Your website is a source of information about your practice and offerings, resources related to their field, health intake forms, scheduling capabilities, and location information. My purpose is to connect those who need help with mental health professionals. My overall vision is that every person has the opportunity to live a whole and fulfilled life.

  • Part of my ethos is to work to break down the society, financial, and racial barriers around mental health.
  • My communication style is direct and concise. I work to provide you with the information you need in the most efficient way to keep the project on track and focused.
  • Community is huge for me and I hope to build a lasting relationship with my clients to help refer work to them, and them to me.
  • I function with the understanding that personal and professional growth is never done. I work to always improve myself, my business, and my knowledge of website design, communication, and social justice movements.
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Fun Facts

  • I love riding my bicycle! My partner and I have future plans to start bike camping.
  • Most Fridays I end my week with a swim in the ocean followed by a group BBQ.
  • My favorite book series are Harry Potter and Outlander
  • Some people who inspire me are Brené Brown, Jason and Caroline Zook, and Michelle Obama
  • Current Book I’m Reading: So You Want to Talk About Race
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DEI Statement

I commit to the work of making the world an anti-racist, inclusive, and equitable place. Creating a business whose mission includes changing the inequities and racism in our society is no longer a choice. It’s the right thing to do. 

DTK Studios does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, religion, ethnicity, military status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law. I incorporate anti-racism education, LGTBQIA2S+ education, and climate justice.

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